Consider Changes in Lifestyle

You’re probably looking forward to the changes in your lifestyle as you ease into retirement. But there are considerations before you get there … many of which can and should be done in advance.

One thing you will learn is that it’s a good idea to develop interests now so you’ll be ready to use your extra time in retirement. Vanguard’s Envision your retirement tool can help you start to think about – and prepare for – some of the lifestyle changes retirement brings, from daily habits to your social networks.

Emotional changes

One of the greatest changes faced by those in their post-employment years is the unexpected emotional toll. From feeling a lack of affirmation you once had while on the job to being considered “under foot” by a spouse or your family, the transition might not be as easy as you think.

Here’s one of many articles on the subject from Emotional changes of retirement can tarnish golden years.

Retirement is right up there with marriage and birth of a child as a major life event. For some, it’s just a new situation but others may see it as a difficult transition. This feeling is typical for a lot of people and the best advice is to seek out help from friends and family or from a professional counselor.

Career switch

Either out of boredom or necessity, you may be thinking about a career switch once you get close to retirement. How many stories have you heard about the techie who became a dog walker? The executive who now runs a sub shop? Or someone who is now teaching in an inner city as a way to make a social impact.

The key word here is to plan. Moving into a new career doesn’t happen magically overnight. Here’s a helpful article – 6 tips on Planning a Second Career – that will set you on the right path to a fun and fulfilling change in your life.

Here’s a source – Encore Careers – that provides free, comprehensive information that helps people transition to jobs in the nonprofit world and the public sector.

Relocation or downsizing

You might be considering relocating or downsizing … or both. No doubt you’ve either dreamed of far off places or having a smaller place to maintain both financially and physically. You might want to move to be closer to your grandchildren or switch to enjoy a warmer climate. Before you pack your bags and move, some experts recommend you visit your destination city for an extended stay. Get to know the community. How available is health care? Are there cultural opportunities? What is the real cost of living? How safe is the community? Again, make sure to do your research and plan for such a big event.

The choices are many and, if you’ve saved adequately, you will have even more options.

Need some inspiration for relocating? Take a look at The real best places to retire. Do you and your significant other have different ideas about where to live? This article can help you get in sync and perhaps reach a compromise.

And, if you’re trying to decide whether downsizing is a good idea, check out this advice: A Big House Is A Threat To Your Retirement.

Volunteer work

Many retirees want to use the skills they have as a way to give back to their communities. As the population ages and more workers head into retirement, their know-how can save lots of money and extend resources further for charitable organizations that need support. Benefits to the retiree include maintaining an active lifestyle, a sharp mind and building new support systems.

Senior Corps is an organization where you can find out more about volunteering in retirement.

Hobbies and interests

When you think about retirement, do you dream about hobbies and other interests that you’d like to tackle? If that’s your picture of retirement, take some time now to start developing those interests so you can jump right into your dream immediately when you retire.

That way, you’ll know what costs and other details to plan for … and whether it’s really something you want to do.

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