Your future: the view from here.

Retirement means different things to different people. There are just as many visions for it as there are individuals on the planet. A mortgage-free house. Travel. Working part time versus full time. Finally, more time to volunteer and give back. The ability and the hours to spoil your grandchildren.

You can see your retirement in the distance. What should you do now … no matter what your age?

How to retire … prepared.

As you near retirement, there are specific steps to take to get ready. Of course, you’ve been planning, saving and investing all along to get to this point.

If you’re thinking this section of the web site isn’t for you, think again. Knowing what’s coming helps you to be more prepared. Think about it … when you’re driving your car, you’re looking down the road – not just to the right and left, correct? Getting ready for retirement is the same way – you must keep your focus to reach your desired destination.

Try to save as much as possible, spend appropriately and do your best to live a healthy life. - William Roberson

Getting ready.

FedEx partners with you to help you prepare for retirement. Assessing your FedEx retirement plans benefits is a good first step when it comes to getting ready for retirement. Then, determine what other assets and income sources you have. What else should you have on your checklist to help you get ready?

  • Prepare a post-retirement budget. Living in retirement will be different from your employment years. What costs will you have? Do you need to leave assets for your family should something happen to you?
  • Plan for health care costs. Health care costs probably will be a significant portion of your spending once you retire. Are you prepared for that?

  • Consider changes in lifestyle. You’re probably looking forward to changes in your lifestyle. The possibilities are endless.

Your nest egg.

It’s important for your nest egg to last into your retirement years. That includes, among other things, deciding how you will spend down your savings and revisiting your investments periodically to make adjustments along the way.

  • Focus on estate planning. Regardless of your age, having an updated will and designating your beneficiaries are important to you and your family. This is an area where professional legal help can be beneficial.

You can be thinking about almost all of these items along the way so you can retire … prepared.

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